Installing Septic Systems

We install all types of septic systems. Our goal is to install the best system for your site and personal needs. Although working with the DEQ first is required we can help in many ways. You will first need to apply for a site evaluation. A DEQ or county agent will evaluate the test pits we dig on your property and determine the size and type of system needed and the location. Although soil testing is the first step in designing your septic system, our staff considers other factors that may be of help in the design. Existing structures, future structures or additions, driveways and landscaping plans all need to be taken into consideration.

Once we know what the county requires a far as size and placement we will be able to give you an estimate.

Applying for Septic System Permit

The second step is to apply for the construction permit.  Upon completion of any required soil testing Emerald Excavating, Inc. can apply for all necessary permits and complete installtion in a timely manner using quality materials and experienced personal. We have installed well over 500 septic systems.

We can be of help from the beginning, however we encourage people to do the site evaluation first and obtain the permit to save you some money but we are more than happy to assist in any of the process if you would like.

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